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Yroc Help Desk & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Support Desk For?

The Yroc Support Desk is for anyone who has purchased a product through Yroc or DSF and needs to communicate with one of our team members. Purchases include:

  • B4U Lead Gen Website
  • Backlink Packages
  • Citation Packages
  • B4U Upgrades
  • B4U Turnkey Packages
  • GMB Local Listing

What Is The Support Desk For?

We are here to answer technical questions regarding your Built For You products. Please have your domain name available.

Digital Storefronts should direct inquiries regarding billing to support@rentdigitalstorefronts.com.

Do You Offer Phone Support?

No, we don’t offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective help over the phone. We keep our support online for a few reasons:

  • We can instantly view your website, account activity, system details, and other information so we can troubleshoot effectively.
  • Building a website is a visual process. We frequently ask you to send us screenshots, videos, and links to help us see what you’re seeing. We can also send you screenshots and videos to guide you in the right direction.
  • Our team is not available 24/7 for phone calls because they are also the fulfillment team. Fulfillment time is best served uninterrupted.
  • Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We’ll always have access to previous tickets so you won’t have to repeat questions.

What Is The Response Time?

We want our response time to be a short as possible. That said, please understand that our support team is also our fulfillment team and provides services for both Yroc Consulting and Digital Storefronts.

A standard response time is 24hrs, although that is dependant on work load at the time.

Can I Ask Billing Questions?

Yes. If you ordered through DSF and were redirected to Yroc, then billing questions should go to DSF. You can reach out to support@rentdigitalstorefonts.com.

If your purchase is directly through Yroc Consulting and/or you are an SEO client, you are welcome to use the Support Desk. You may also reach out to your account manager for quicker service.

Do You Offer Tutorials Outside Of DSF?

We do offer guides and tutorials for our B4U products and other website related topics. You can find an extensive database of tutorials in our Knowledge Base to assist with making changes and updates.

Browse the KB, and if your solution isn’t there, feel free to reach out to our support team here.

I'm Not Getting Support Emails!

We often find that emails from the Support Desk can get sent to a junk/spam folder since the content is not being delivered through a common email provider.

Please check your Junk or Spam folder and add support@yrocconsulting.com to your approved email list.