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Social Media Marketing

Now more than ever, social media companies are targeting sponsored postings on behalf of businesses to increase their profits. Even if they don’t charge membership fees, they are going after advertising revenue and changing the way users interact with their favorite brands.

However, it takes more than snarky responses to gain clout with your followers, and it remains an increasingly shrinking thin line that business entities walk. All it takes is one inappropriate joke or harmful post to get onto the wrong side of the entire Internet.

When you need careful, experienced, and professional social media marketing experts, you need the team behind Yroc Consulting. We offer a proven plan of attack that will allow you to use social media successfully without the hassle.

Why risk putting everything that you have built at risk over 280 characters gone wrong? Instead, give your company the best help around the greater Sherman, TX community and hire us today.

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Our Services

Social Media Strategy Development

We not only help you discover your social identity but also help you develop a plan.

Social Media Advertising Management

Depending on your goals, we can incorporate advertising campaigns on various social networks.

Social Media Content Creation

We can provide a range of content for your various social networks depending on your needs.

Social Site Services

There are hundreds of social media sites, some of which remain more niche than others. Whether you’re thinking about joining Facebook professionally or you have a unique website in mind, our staff stays prepared to help.

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Whether you’re worried about making the best first impression or you need to hit the ground running, we will ensure that your social sites perform at their optimal levels daily. That means fewer frustrations for you, as well as avoiding getting glued to your phone while your in-person customers wait.

You wouldn’t operate a vehicle you don’t know how to drive, so why attempt social media marketing without the right background? Instead, allow our experts to best assist you today with:

• Social Media Strategy Planning
• Efficient Online Advertising
• Custom Content Creation
• Community Management Services
• Analytic Measurements
• Continued Metric Reporting
• And more social media marketing solutions.

Your company can continue existing online without fear of you accidentally typing the wrong things again. Choose the best in local social media marketing today and enjoy the results we will achieve for you.

Our Process

Strategy Development

Advertising Management

Community Management

Effective Content Creation

Measurement & Reporting

Why Hire Us?

You likely read an article recently about how much fun that fast food burger chain has with its fans online. It seems as if they can say whatever they want, and people eat it up faster than a combo meal.

All too often, business owners think that they can do the same thing. They switch over to their Twitter app, send out something edgy, and believe that they will be the corporate darlings of the day.

What these company owners don’t realize is that these posts aren’t sent out without careful planning. Even if it doesn’t look like it, they are still using a certified social media manager to make these playful posts.

As a result, too many small businesses and even significant corporations face backlashes, boycotts, and more, all over a short, dumb message going out. When you can’t risk facing an onslaught of angry users, you must hire Yroc Consulting for your social media advertising.