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Often overlooked, page speed optimization is crucial to SEO success. Your website will lose conversions and revenue if it does not load quickly for visitors. Almost half of web searchers will bounce to another site after waiting less than three seconds for a page to load. Do you have a fast-loading site that will keep people on it? You can improve your page speed with Yroc’s optimization services. Get in touch with a local SEO specialist by calling (903) 300-LEADS.

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Is your website built for speed?

If your website needs help decreasing page load time, Yroc can help. We offer three separate page speed optimization service plans that can help your website load at top speeds. Some of the effects you’ll see after implementing our services include decreased bounce rate and extended time-on-page.

When your site loads slowly, (takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load), users will become frustrated and bounce from your website to find one that provides the information they need more quickly.

If users consistently bounce from your site, Google will start to notice, and you will see a drop in search engine rankings. That’s because Google sees a correlation between high bounce rate and a bad user experience, so they subsequently drop you in the rankings.

If users don’t stay on your website long enough to read your content, Google concludes that it must not be a very good website. Little do they (or your site visitors) know that you could have one of the best websites with the best content out there, but your slow load time kept them from experiencing your website.

Want to speak with a Yroc strategist before reading on?

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Page Speed Optimization Services from Yroc Consulting

How important is website performance optimization? The goal is not just to please your site visitors – it’s also to satisfy Google.


Total project hours to be spent improving site speed, communication, and reporting: 25 hours
Page speed improvements are likely to increase your page speed tool scores, but Yroc cannot guarantee the level of increase
Needed for all projects: Website/Server Access
Dedicated project Account Manager
Project web developers
Audit of current server configuration
If needed - Website/CSS optimization
If needed - Setup and/or configuration of a CDN
If needed - Reduction in http(s) requests
If needed - Combine CSS and JavaScript files
If needed - Https setup
If needed - Hosting transfers
If needed - Image size optimization and compression
If needed - Gzip compression
If needed - Caching setup and/or configuration
If needed - Setup of browser caching
If needed - Minify JavaScript
If needed - Changing the order of JavaScript and CSS loading
If needed - Changing the order of JavaScript and CSS loading
If needed - Optimize/reduce number of redirects

Does your website need help in the page speed department?

Due to a slow-loading website, your bounce rate and conversion rate may be high. Yroc Consulting can help. All of our optimization plans come with a variety of services that can help your website reach its maximum potential.

We have several services included in our page speed optimization plans:

Dedicated project Account Manager

Yroc believes you should have a point of contact throughout the course of your campaign. Why? It’s always clear to whom you’ll be speaking. You won’t need to be transferred to three people to get an answer because your point of contact knows and understands your campaign.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service, and to achieve this, we make sure that you have a point of contact who can answer any questions you may have, keep you updated on your campaign, and so much more.

Project web developers

The optimization of a page’s speed is not an overnight task. To ensure that your page speed is as fast as it can be, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Our web developers handle the work to ensure that it’s done correctly.

Audit of current server configuration

An audit of your current server configuration will give us an idea of what your site needs to be fast. From there, we’ll determine what needs to be improved in order to make your site run faster.

“If needed” basis

We can perform the following services:

  • Website/CSS optimization
  • Combine CSS and Javascript files
  • Gzip compression
  • Caching setup and/or configuration
  • Optimize/reduce the number of redirects
  • And much more.

Is it worth your time and money to work with Yroc for your page speed optimization needs? See the results our customers typically achieve using our page speed services.