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How To Leverage Google Drive for Your Site (Authority Stack)

How To Leverage Google Drive for Your Site (Authority Stack)

Leverage Google and all the FREE services they provide with Authority Stacking!

A Google Authority Stack, or Google Drive Stack, is when Google products like Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, etc. have company information added to them and are ‘stacked’ on top of each other and made public, taking full advantage of Google properties.

From an SEO perspective, using Google Drive Stacks leverages the power of the Google domain and trust in order to promote your website both from an increased rankings perspective, as well as from having additional ranking properties in the search results.

Google Drive is a free and paid product that Google offers in order to support people and businesses with products like Documents, Slides, Forms, and much more. All of those documents are then stored in the user’s Google Drive. Users can then publically (or privately) share each or all of the contents of a Google Drive, and best of all, they can even be indexed and ranked in Google search.

Why Do You Need Google Drive Stacks

You can use stacks to test new markets, test competition, or get the rankings boost without resorting to PBN’s in most industries/markets assuming your on-page optimization was done well.

Google Drive stacks have three major uses:

    • Link building: Google is giving you a backlink to your website and providing a way for you to do it in a much safer way, when is the last time Google penalized its own properties?
    • Content Promotion: Using Google Stacks you can leverage the power of Google to quickly rank a document for a high traffic term in order to take advantage of current events.
    • Reputation Management: Because it’s easier to rank the properties in Google Drive, you can use them to bury negative content about a business or person for a short period of time. You will need to get more positive news out to make the process permanent, however, a short-term fix is better than nothing if the situation is dire enough.

With so much functionality available, there are several considerations to keep in mind. To begin, ensure the applications are linked. Configuring the stack so that all of its components are linked isn’t terribly difficult, but it is critical to getting the most out of the installations and improves usability.

A Google Stack can include:

    • Optimized Google Map
    • Optimized Google Docs
    • Optimized Google Slides
    • Optimized Google Site
    • Optimized Google SpreadSheet
    • Google Drawing
    • Google Form
    • Google File
    • Google plus relevant group posting
    • Google Images – Geotagged image posting

Are you sure there is no Google penalties?

Today no it won’t, however, let’s be honest – Google may take issue with it all in a couple of years, we just don’t know. That said, Google Sites was built to embed the properties in your Google Drive and act as a hub for your business with Documents, Slides, and much more. They want you to leverage it. And it’s reasonable to expect that any good business has a hub like a public Google Drive to share information, edit content, develop sales strategies, etc. In the end, this is like any other tactic to promote your website, as long as you don’t abuse it you’ll be just fine.

Where does this fit in with your Backlink Marketing Strategy?

Links from Google Drive stacks are no different than a link from any other website, it’s just going to take the time to see the benefit from it. While these have boosted our clients’ pages 10-40 positions, it wasn’t without a good on-page foundation and links from other sources as well. Google Drive Stacks are a piece of your larger marketing strategy, expect a bump from them that works with your other processes to dominate.


Ready for an example!?

These high-authority Google properties are great for building your brand, improving awareness, increasing traffic to your site, boosting your rankings, and even generating leads. You can further expand the power of the stack by hosting it on Google Cloud, transferring it to a Google Domain, etc. Since you are using Google properties, you don’t need to worry about being penalized! Have a look at a Google Authority Stack built for one of our clients. Learn from it and maybe you can use the idea for your business or lead-gen site.


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