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Help Me Write Content: 20 Options

SEO Content Types

google eraserI hate staring at a blank page as much as the next guy, needing to fill pages with text. As an optimizer, we understand that just any ole content won’t do. No, we need content that is keyword-rich, authoritative, relevant, at least over 900 words, can meet Google’s E-A-T and YMYL requirements, unique, and overall helpful to the user. Piece of cake.

Go ahead and use one of the AI spinners out there. Hacktag, Jasper.AI, and Word AI are a few that we’ve used and had to later make edits to, simply so the syntax and grammar would make sense. Automated content spinners have been around for a while, and will continue to be. Google’s cracking down on content spinners, going so far as to let us know that automated or generated content is against their policies. Whatever – Google controls the world’s internet, so they can say and do what they want.

But it’s a well-known fact that both Google and the end user are going to be better impacted by uniquely written content.

Let’s say you run a website that sells erasers, and you’re ready to give your guests (and Google) good, quality content. What do you write about? As your potential customer, I know what an eraser is… I need to be led into an eraser experience. Give your users something that they can truly benefit from.

Here are 20 types of content you can create (for any industry).

  1. What is… (A beginners guide to erasing)
  2. How to… (How to erase)
  3. Why is… (Why should you start erasing)
  4. Tips… (5 tips for better erasing)
  5. Growth hacks… (5 hacks to start earning money from your erasing skills)
  6. Tools & Recommendations… (7 must-have tools for erasing)
  7. Mistakes to avoid… (3 mistakes those new to erasing must avoid)
  8. Reasons why… (7 Reasons you should start erasing)
  9. Trends in the industry… (Future of erasing)
  10. Quotes… (Quotes to motivate those that erase)
  11. What others say… (Feedback and reviews)
  12. Your journey… (failures and success stories)
  13. Your content creation process… (behind the scenes)
  14. Case Study… (story of successful or quality erasers or eraser usage)
  15. FAQs… (what you need to know about erasers)
  16. Common Myths… (7 myths about erasers you should know how to fix)
  17. Alternatives… (12 alternatives to erasers)
  18. Comparison articles… (erasers vs. whiteout)
  19. Infographics… (using data to show industry trends)
  20. Negative rebuttals… (‘do erasers really work’ or ‘why do erasers not work for me’)

Characteristics of Good Content

In order to create good content, a number of factors must be considered that appeal to both search engines and potential customers. To qualify as high-quality content, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Does the content flow well?
  • Does the content engage the reader?
  • Does the content answer questions the readers are searching for?
  • Does the content integrate keywords naturally?
  • Does the content deliver on its own promises?
  • Does the content provide value from either an informational, emotional or entertainment point of view?
  • Does the content look visually pleasing? Does it have pictures, formatting and spacing that lead a reader through the post?
  • Is the content free from spelling/grammatical errors?
  • Does the content have proper formatting, leading you through the page with headers optimized for both SEO and readers?
  • Does the content reflect the personality of the brand?

Although the list isn’t comprehensive, you can see what we’re trying to say. In the end, good quality content is one that the reader finds useful, is written for SEO, and helps to expand your brand in a positive way.

Why Creating Good Content is Important

effective contentContent is important for your business for a lot of reasons. A well-written article (combined with a great keyword strategy) can help you get backlinks to your site, which in turn can help you rank for certain keywords. Your marketing budget could be cut by thousands of dollars if you write content for SEO instead of paying for ads.

Furthermore, good content can have a huge impact on a potential buyer’s perception of your business.

So I’ve compiled some data to share with you on what I think are the top 3 reasons why creating good content is important from the reader’s perspective.

Great Content Improves Brand Image

Customer purchases are influenced by brands they identify with or feel great about. Often, the first impression brands make on their potential customers is through their content writing.

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers

A first impression only happens once, and in the digital age we live in, content is the major medium that makes a first impression on readers/buyers.

High-Quality Content Can Influence Buying Decisions

There’s no evidence that ads influence buyers more than article content on the web.

70% of customers prefer article-type content over advertisements to learn about a company or brand. Articles on a company blog, or other content marketing mediums, are the most preferred way for customers to learn about products and services. As a result, good content on your blog is more important than ever.

Useful Content is Considered a Priority

A few statistics have already been discussed about the value of good content, but in the survey, they really put the nail in the coffin on whether or not customers like custom content.

90% of consumers find custom content useful in some way.


The key to creating good content as a company or brand is understanding your audience. Focus on writing blogs, articles, white papers, e-books, and case studies that THEY want to read, not ones that blatantly target keywords. Potential customers want to feel like they’re buying from someone they know, trust, and can rely on. SEO content writing that’s too advertorial or salesy might turn them off. Need help writing good content?


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