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How to change my site details with Full Throttle

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The Full Throttle plugin allows you to control the site-specific details on your B4U lead gen website. Whether you’re changing the site name or duplicating as another, this tool developed by Yroc will help speed up the process 10x!

To find out if you have the Full Throttle plugin, you’ll see it on your WordPress dashboard:

How to use Yroc’s B4U Full Throttle plugin

It’s a simple as replacing the fields with your new information.

You’ll see 8 rows of fields that can be changed. Each field populates that information across the site for fast updating. On the backend of your website, you will see shortcodes that begin and end with exclamation points (!). On the frontend, your live website, the user will see the information that populates from this plugin. Here are the fields and their meanings:

  • !SITENAME! field: The name/title of your lead gen website.
  • !INDUSTRY! field: The service industry/service niche your site promotes.
  • !CITY! field: The city location in which your service is provided. This can also be used for counties or parishes if you’re targeting a wider area.
  • !STATE! field: The US state location in which your service is provided.
  • !PHONE! field: Your lead gen call tracking number. This can be formatted how you wish [i.e. (555) 555-5555 / 555.555.5555 / +1 555 555 5555]
  • !FACEBOOK-ID! field: The lead gen service Facebook page id. Do not enter the full link.  https://facebook.com/[FACEBOOK-ID]
  • !GMB-LINK! field: The link to any Google Service you’d like displayed on your site. It can be a link to Google Reviews or your Local Listing.
  • !GOOGLE-ANALYTICS! field: Your Google Analytics tracking id. Formatted UA-xxxxxxxxx-x

What if I want to target a whole state?

This was designed with Yroc’s lead generation best practices in mind. It requires a city and a state name for all fields to populate properly. But sometimes you want to target a whole state. If you are targeting a state only, it is still necessary to enter information in the CITY field. We’d recommend listing 3 or 4 larger cities in that field. For example, if your state is Texas, you could enter [Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston] in the CITY field.  The output would look like this: “We serve Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, Texas.”

Another option could be to enter the name of the state in the CITY field and then enter the country name in the STATE field. Your output would look like this: “We serve Texas, USA”

A third option would be to manually remove all instances of the !CITY! shortcode throughout the website.