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How to setup an SSL Certificate in Siteground.

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Let’s Encrypt certificates are available to Siteground clients for free and are automatically issued for all domains hosted on shared servers. If Yroc Consulting doesn’t manage your account, or your login credentials have changed, here’s how to set it up:

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Login to your Siteground hosting account: https://login.siteground.com
  2. Under the Websites tab,  select Site Tools on the website you wish to enable the SSL certificate.


How to enable SSL certificate in Siteground hosting


  1. Under the Security menu link, select SSL Manager.
  2. In the Select Domain dropdown box, select the correct domain, subdomain, or addon domain.
  3. In the Select SSL dropdown box, select the correct SSL certificate you wish to enable. “Let’s Encrypt” and “Let’s Encrypt Wildcard” are included for free with your Siteground account.
  4. Click on the GET button.



HTTPS Enforce

  1. You can enforce the HTTPS connection by selecting the menu link below SSL Manager titled HTTPS Enforce. Toggle the switch to on.


Siteground Manage HTTPS Enforce Settings


Additional Plugin Support

You have now enabled the Let’s Encrypt on your website hosted by Siteground. For WordPress sites, the SG Optimizer plugin will manage the SSL certificate connection. In some cases, a third-party plugin, such as Really Simple SSL, may be necessary.