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What is a Full Throttle shortcode in my B4U WordPress lead gen?

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Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort. They were introduced in WordPress 2.5, and the reason to introduce them was to allow people to execute code inside WordPress posts, pages, and widgets without writing any code directly. This allows you to embed files or create objects that would normally require a lot of code in just one single line. For example, a shortcode for embedding an image might look like this: [image]

Built For You Shortcodes

Yroc’s shortcodes in the 3.0 and Full Throttle template look similar and work the same. These shortcodes are designed to update content across the site instantly, saving you time rebuilding, duplicating, or adding content to a site. For example, a shortcode to display your website name would look like this: !SITENAME! or [SITENAME]

You can find all of these shortcodes located in the Full Throttle plugin. Your shortcode will either be wrapped in exclamation marks or brackets.


After Full Throttle was introduced, the bracket shortcode became obsolete, so if you have a B4U lead gen site built prior to 2019, you will probably see the brackets [] instead of the exclamation points !!. Either way, the shortcodes are still functional.

What does Google see?

Whether GoogleBot, Bingbot, Slurp Bot, DuckDuckBot, Baiduspider, Yandex Bot, Sogou Spider, Exabot, or any other user agent, web crawlers read only what is in your page source. WordPress shortcodes and Full Throttle shortcodes are not crawled by any web crawler so long as the appropriate plugin is activated.