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Our Headline Formula List You Can’t Write Without

Our Headline Formula List You Can’t Write Without

Page titles and headlines are key in the world of search engine optimization; using the proper keywords and the E-A-T method are both incredibly important. So let’s add to that and confuse each other some more… what about page titles and headlines that are attention grabbers with better CTRs?

There’s been a lot of research put into how to word and structure a headline that converts an audience into a buyer. Or at least converts an audience into a curious audience. Properly structuring your page titles and headlines draws your user in and creates a feeling in them that they need more.


The key to successful headlines, is to grab the attention of the reader. A headline should…

Address your specific audience (Being vague or general = ineffective)

Highlight the specific benefit or outcome they desire

Highlight the specific pain that your read most wants to avoid

Create curiosity

Add urgency


For example:

The Best Five Minutes (immediacy) You’ll Spend Today (entertainment): The Latest Tips (newsworthy) From Yroc (specificity) on Getting More Followers (helpfulness)

Here are a number of headline templates you can use to craft the perfect SEO headline for your pages-


How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

How to Run Faster

[Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve an Outcome]

28 Ideas for Content Upgrades To Grow Your Email List

The Ultimate Guide to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Healthy on a Budget

Warning! Are You [Something Undesirable]?

Warning! Are You Eating This Food That Could Kill You?

[A Call to Arms]

Let’s Stop Eating This Poisonous Food!

[Number] Proven [Actions/Ways] to [Achieve Desired Result]

18 Proven Techniques to Build More Muscle in Less Time

[Number] Mistakes Most People Make When/With [Common Action]

11 Mistakes Most People Make When Washing Their Hair

[Number] Secrets to [Achieve Desired Outcome]

7 Secrets to Becoming a Digital Nomad


We live in SEOville, USA, drink only from the fountains that produce the highest ROI, and dine on warm leads. Our goal is to help Optimizers, Agency Owners, Freelancers, Single Moms, Corporation Owners, and you through the complex world of internet marketing.

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