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5 Quick Idea Generators: The Best Inspiration for your Headlines

5 Quick Idea Generators: The Best Inspiration for your Headlines

click baitThis is a followup to a previous post about creatively writing headlines. We had a number of people let us know that although the information is good, most running agencies don’t have the time to spend writing eye-catching and clickbait-y headlines. Catchy headlines are a necessity when it comes to getting eyeballs on your content. However, they aren’t always easy to come up with.

We get it because we’re all there or have been at one time. Keep in mind we’re not talking about SEO rich headlines for pages and blogs – we’re focusing on headlines that grab your attention. The two can be one, but that’s not the goal at this moment. So we’ve listed out some fun and creative inspiration and idea generators for headlines, blogs, and content.

Happy brainstorming!


Blog Idea Generator

Blog Idea Generator

Stuck on a blank page trying to add quality content to your blog? This handy helper lets you enter your primary topic and generates blog headlines for you to feed off of. It is up to you to determine how you would like to incorporate these blog post ideas into your existing blog strategy. Their hope is that this generator gives you enough topics to write about for the next few months to a year, and that it helps you to kickstart your blog SEO strategy.

Here were the top 5 blog ideas for a concrete service lead generation site:

    • Concrete: Expectations vs. Reality
    • Will Concrete Ever Rule the World?
    • The Next Big Thing in Concrete
    • Concrete Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters
    • This Week’s Top Stories About Concrete

These topics give us a good jump start for adding 5 more posts to our site. Give it a try. Give them your email (or a junk email address) and you can download 250 blog post ideas based on your topic submission.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Content Idea Generator

Well here’s a fun one that could actually come in handy. This title generator creates an unlimited amount of headlines based on one primary subject. As you can see in the image above, we use SEO as our subject and was given the headline: 13 Secrets About SEO the Government Is Hiding. That actually sounds compelling enough to click on, because I’ve always wondered if Google was in bed with the Government…

Here are some other creative titles we were given to write about:

    • How SEO Can Help You Predict the Future
    • Will SEO Ever Rule the World?
    • How to Fight Lex Luthor Using Only SEO
    • 5 Ways SEO Can Find You the Love of Your Life
    • How Twitter Can Help You With SEO

Obviously some of these would be difficult to write about, but does it matter? Your reader would totally click on any of those headlines!


Kickbutt Headline Generator

Kickbutt Headline Generator

Direct from Sumo, this headline generator actually allows you to customize what you want to write about. We made our topic about choosing the best fencing company, and the generator spat out a long list of ideas categorizing them based on the type of headline. You’re given the ability to customize the topic, the desired outcome, the undesirable outcome, and the points in the content. If feels rather generic, but can definitely help you get over the headline-hump at 2am.

Here are a few of the headlines we were given:

    • 10 Ways To Having An Awesome Fence
    • 10 Proven Methods For Choosing The Best Fencing Company
    • 10 Reasons Why You Have An Ugly Fence
    • 10 Hacks To Having An Awesome Fence
    • 10 Secrets To Choosing The Best Fencing Company

Categories they offer for headlines include: numbered lists, how-to, explanatory/why, strong/controversial, fun/playful, DIY headline formulas.




A very detailed generator for headline templates, Headlime requires information upfront to create a number of good headlines. The variables they request to curate the headline templates are your audience, solution, problem, product, desired outcome, and authority. Take a look at some of the headline templates Headlime gave us for a Landscaping company:

    • Your Search for a Beautiful Back Yard Ends Here
    • Tired of Poor Curb Appeal? Get Started with Beautiful Landscaping Today!
    • 83 Ideas You Can Steal From Landscapers
    • To the Home Owners Who Will Settle for Nothing Less Thann a Beautiful Backyard
    • Home Owners: It’s Time to End your Poor Curb Appeal. Use our Beautiful Landscaping Services

This one may not get the grammar correct on all templates, but that’s no issue. An easy fix with plenty of settings and easy edits. For complex and creative headlines, this is certainly the route to go.


Content Row’s Link Bait Headline Generator

Headline Generator

Catchy headlines are a necessity when it comes to getting eyeballs on your content. However, they aren’t always easy to come up with. This linkbait blog title generator does the hard work of idea generation for you. Just enter your subject to generate a variety of compelling clickbait, link bait, or blog headlines. Use them as-is or as part of your brainstorming process. We did a trial of our own, and since my daughters are at home during the quarantine, I couldn’t help but search headline topics regarding whats streaming at our house… Muppet Babies.   smh

    • 5 Surprising Joe Exotic Opinions on Muppet Babies
    • 25 Bizarre Muppet Babies Facts You Need to Know
    • 101 Unusual Uses of Muppet Babies
    • The Truth About the Muppet Babies Industry
    • Muppet Babies: Dos and Don’ts

These headlines are a bit unusual, but if I were remotely interested in that topic, the titles would be eye-catching. I honestly don’t plan on blogging on this topic, but maybe you are. Either way, add your topic and let it run. You can upgrade to a Pro account if you want more, but 5 is enough for us.




Content Row’s Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer

From the same company that provides the link bait headline generator above, also created a Headline Analyzer. It’s hard to say if this analyzer is truly accurate or not, but they do offer good tips to enhance your blog title for CTR. We ran the headline of this blog post and got a 100 Quality Score (assuming that’s out of 100?)

Areas this analyzer looks at are using superlatives, using numbers, word count, and positive emotion. There obviously is more to creating a good headline than those 4 items, but props to Content Row for designing this, because it really is a good place to start.

FYI: Superlatives and lead generation. Although superlatives are more compelling to the reader, if you are in a regulated industry such as finance, banking, tax, or legal – superlative statements will have to be substantiated. If they can’t be, then it’s wise not to use them in your headlines or content. Also, if your company is registered or registering for the BBB, you will not want to use unsubstantiated superlatives either.

So as an example, we claimed that this list was “The Best for your Headlines” but in all honestly we can’t legally substantiate that statement. Guess what, I don’t care. It got you to click on the link and ultimately that’s what matters in a non-regulated, highly-competitive market. So use those Power Words wisely.



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